How to Open A Bulk Water Account


The following article will outline the steps needed to open a bulk water account with the Village of Milo. To view the Bulk Water Contract, please clickhere To view the fees and rates for bulk water, you can view the bulk water bylawhere

Opening A Bulk Water Account

The first step in creating your Bulk Water Account, is by downloading the contract, filling it out, and sending it back to the office via email to, in person during our office hours, or delivery via our physical drop box in the office. 

Please note that part of filling out the contract requires you to pick your own 4 digit PIN that you will need in order to dispense water from the station.

Once you have read over, filled out, and returned the contract, you will be required to pay a deposit of $250.00 before your account will be activated. 

  • Payment can be made via etransfer to, by cash, cheque or debit, or online through the Alberta Treasury Branch. 

Once the deposit has been received, you will be assigned an account number, which will be provided to you along with the signed and completed copy of your contract. 

Using the Bulk Water Station

To use the bulk water station, you will need your four digit account number, as well as your four digit PIN. You will input into the keypad your account number, PIN, as well as the amount of water you wish to dispense. 

When the water has completed dispensing, please remember to properly drain the hose, and return it to its storing unit for the next person to use.