Municipal Planning

Planning & Development in Milo

The Development Officer for the Village of Milo is the Chief Administrative Officer. Please contact the Village Office to discuss all prospective development. 

While the Development Officer can approve all "permitted use" applications, they retain the right to refer ANY application to the Municipal Planning Commission (MPC) for decision. The Municipal Planning Commission (MPC) is appointed by the Village Council, consisting of two members of the Village Council and a Member-at-Large. This body will review and decide upon all "discretionary use" applications, as well as permit and determine any context specific 'waivers' of standards that are otherwise required. 

Decisions of the Municipal Planning Commission can be appealed to the Chinook Subdivision Appeal Board(SDAB) by the applicant, by adjacent landowners or other interested parties. This avenue of appeal is established under Bylaw No. 405-19 which can be found here. As a last resort, application can be made to the courts to overturn the decision of any Subdivision Development Appeal Board which, in this case, would be a lawsuit against the Village of Milo once the Chinook SDAB has rendered a decision. 

The Village of Milo is a member-municipality of the Oldman River Regional Services Commission (ORRSC). This means that the village is a shareholder and part owner of this organization and, as such, appoints a representative to their Board of Directors. The services of this commission are necessary for compliance with governing legislation and a planner is assigned to Milo to act on the village's behalf. Over and above direct planning and advice and direction, ORRSC also provides Milo with a Geographic Information System (GIS), and Assessment Complaint Review Board, as well as managing the Chinook Subdivision Development Appeal Board. 

More information on the services provided to Milo by ORRSC can be here, along with the contact information for Milo's Planner. 

Milo Municipal Development Plan

To view a copy of the most current MDP for the Village of Milo, click here.

An MDP can be defined as a framework for decision-making that guides future development and redevelopment of a community. Through studying a community’s historical development and evaluating its current circumstances, MDPs offer a framework to anticipate and address a community’s future needs. By ensuring that growth takes place in a sustainable, orderly, and rational manner, a community can balance the economic, social and environmental requirements of its residents and bring a sense of stability to the community.

Vulcan and Milo Intermunicipal Development Plan

To view a copy of the Intermunicipal Development Plan between the County of Vulcan and the Village of Milo, click here.

Vulcan County (County) and the Village of Milo (Village) recognize that the land surrounding the Village is of mutual interest, warranting a collaborative approach to planning. The Intermunicipal Development Plan (IDP or Plan) is based on creating a shared vision for future growth by establishing and agreeing to a long-term strategy for planning and development which attempts to balance the interests of each municipality. The Plan is intended to foster ongoing collaboration and cooperation between the County and Village by providing a forum to discuss planning matters in the context of each municipality’s land use philosophy. The key policy areas of the Plan include:

• Collaboration,
• Land Use,
• Future Growth,
• Transportation, and
• Utilities, Servicing and Drainage.

The Plan is intended to provide guidance to decision-makers and establishes planning policy that applies to lands in the fringe and within the Village; however, each municipality is ultimately responsible for.